Meet Dr. Jim Gores

Reasons Why Dr. James Gores Got Into Dentistry

Jim Gores, DDS loves dentistry and his hometown of Rochester, MN! It’s no surprise he wanted to be a dentist, as his dad was an oral surgeon who shared details of his work with his son.

Dr. Gores’ father was a dentist and the tradition has been carried on to a third generation. His daughter Dr. Lucy Gores practices alongside him at Lakeside Dentistry.

One of Dr. Gores’ specialties is dental implants. He credits this to his father’s early interest in them, which he was known to discuss around the house.

Hometown Dentist

Raised in Rochester, Dr. Gores graduated from Creighton University in 1979 and the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 1983. Because he never gets quite enough of learning about dentistry, he is a member of the American Dental Association, Minnesota Dental Association, and local dental societies. He lives in Rochester with his wife, Lulu.

“Right Sized” Dental Practice in Rochester, MN

Dr. Gores established Lakeside Dentistry in 1985. He wants residents of Rochester and the surrounding areas of Plainview, MN, St. Charles, MN, Byron, MN, Chatfield, MN, and Stewartville, MN to have a hometown, family-oriented alternative to dental chains owned by large companies.

One-on-one relationship building with his patients is his favorite part of the job. He likes to foster a family feel among his patients and his team. He has patients who practically grew up at Lakeside Dentistry and now bring in their own kids for dental treatment. He enjoys seeing their families grow.

Dr. Gores keeps the emphasis on treatment, not on selling dental services. He prides himself on a no-pressure approach of always letting his patients choose what is best for them.

Dentist in the Great Outdoors

It is no coincidence that patients of Lakeside Dentistry enjoy a lakeside view. Dr. Gores enjoys paddling on local lakes in a kayak or canoe. Like many Minnesotans, he can’t get enough of the outdoors. He is also a skier and cyclist.

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