6 Times A Dental Crown Could Be Right For You

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Statistically, you probably know more than one person who has a dental crown. You might even have one yourself.

What you might not know is how many different ways dental crowns can be used. To give you some idea, we have put together a list of things that dental crowns can do for you or someone you love.

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With that in mind, here are six reasons you might need a dental crown.


■ 1. You Have A Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth can happen when you are eating any number of things. Nuts, popcorn, and ice are just a few of the things that can crack a tooth if you bite into them the wrong way.

Cracks in teeth are a problem for a few reasons. They can be quite painful. They also can weaken your teeth so you can’t bite or chew with them. A crack could also expose inner parts of the teeth to bacteria, which can lead to an infection.

A dental crown is often the best way to restore your tooth. After your tooth has been reshaped to prevent the crack from getting worse, we can help you get a natural-looking crown that will restore the full function of your tooth as well.


■ 2. You Have A Broken Tooth

Like cracked teeth, broken teeth can happen almost anytime and anywhere. An accident or an injury can leave you holding your mouth wondering what happened.

Like a cracked tooth, a broken tooth can affect the function of your tooth and create a risk of infection. And again, getting a dental crown can address both of those problems. With your new crown in place, your smile can look as good or better than it did before your injury, and you can continue eating the foods that you love.


■ 3. You Have An Infected Tooth

Let’s assume you didn’t get your cracked or broken tooth looked at and your tooth did become infected. A dental crown won’t remove the infection, but it can be part of the restoration of your tooth.

In this situation, you will need to remove the infection from your tooth, which is why we perform root canals. (We understand many people are fearful about root canals, but we can provide sedation dentistry to keep you pain-free.)

After the infection is removed and the tooth is filled, we can attach a crown to fully restore the appearance of your tooth as well.


■ 4. One of your teeth is discolored

If you have a tooth that is visibly darker than the rest of your smile, it can make you feel self-conscious. It’s also a reason you may want to consider getting a dental crown.

Our metal-free zirconia crowns can be matched to the color of the rest of your smile. When your tooth is shaped and your permanent dental crown has been placed, other people may not realize that one of your teeth isn’t real.


■ 5. You have tooth decay

Many times a dental filling is enough to repair the damage done by a tooth decay. If the decay has spread too much, however, your tooth may be too weak to support a filling. At the same time, you may have had fillings replaced multiple times, and that can weaken your teeth over time.

In either of these circumstances, you can get a dental crown for a longer-term solution. As we have noted above, the crown restores the appearance and function of your tooth. A crown also provides protection against bacteria, which greatly reduces your risk of additional decay.


■ 6. One of your teeth is worn down or misshapen

You may have a tooth that has become worn down due to wear and tear after years. This can cause a tooth to appear smaller than it should compared to the rest of your smile. At the same time, individual teeth can be naturally smaller than others.

When this happens you may want to make a cosmetic change to your smile. Once again, a dental crown could help you accomplish your goal.


If you are interested in learning if a dental crown or another restorative service could help you, visit our dentists in Rochester, MN. Call 507-316-6444 or contact us online to set up an appointment.

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