Compassionate Dental Care For The Entire Family [VIDEO]

Family Dentistry 3 | Rochester, MN Dentist | Lakeside Dentistry

When Eric’s 4-year-old son was complaining of a toothache, Lakeside Dentistry was able to see him right away.

After repairing a couple chipped teeth, Eric’s son was feeling much better. But Eric was especially impressed by the lengths our team went to ensure the young child was comfortable. Our compassionate staff asked him about his favorite toys to make him feel at ease.

“They really got down to his level,” Eric said. “…They really had to interact with him as a child, get him to buy (into) what they’re doing.”

Watch this video to hear more about Eric’s experience at Lakeside Dentistry. Then, if you’re ready to experience high-quality dental care for the whole family, call our Rochester, MN office today at 507-316-6444.

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