Are Dentures A Thing Of The Past?

Dentures in Rochester, MN by Dr. Jim Gores of Lakeside Dentistry

For some time now, people have debated whether dentures are a thing of the past. On one hand, this is a piece of technology that has its roots in the 7th Century B.C. And traditional removable dentures seem fairly low-tech; they rest on the gums, often held in place by adhesives.

But on the other hand, traditional removable dentures today are more reliable than they ever have been. They’re more meticulously crafted, better fitting, and more comfortable. And, thanks to the invention of dental implants, there are ways to have a removable denture with a little extra security. In other words, dentures have improved over time!

At Lakeside Dentistry, we think that dentures are a thing to be celebrated. There’s a perfect teeth replacement solution for everyone, and we can help you find the one that’s best for you! Our caring team can give you the information you need to make great decisions about your dental health. Come explore your options in a low-pressure environment!

Read on for some of the traditional and non-traditional ways we can help you replace an entire set of teeth. Then, if you’re looking for high-quality, personalized dental care in Rochester, MN, give us a call at 507-316-6444.


Dental Implant Dentures: Ditch The Adhesives


While exploring your teeth replacement options, you may have stumbled across dental implants. These small titanium posts are used as artificial tooth roots. They allow you to replace both the root and crown of a missing tooth to create a prosthetic that’s life-like and reliable.

But did you know you can have a removable denture that’s held in place by dental implants? You can still take your prosthetic out, which allows you to regularly clean the denture to reduce your risk of gum disease and bad breath, but you’ll no longer have to rely on denture adhesives!

Dental implant dentures offer several distinct advantages over traditional removable dentures:

  • They better restore dental function. Even the best traditional dentures restore only about 25 percent of the chewing power of natural teeth. But dental implants allow you to regain up to 90 percent of your bite force!
  • They offer less uncertainty. In time, dental implants fuse to your jawbone. With dental implant dentures, you’ll never have to worry about your dentures slipping out of place.
  • They promote jaw health. With traditional dentures, your jawbone loses density over time because it no longer has a tooth root to support. With dental implant dentures, you jawbone continues to support artificial tooth roots, which prevents bone loss.


Immediate Traditional Dentures Without The Wait


At other practices, it can take weeks for your dentures to be made in a lab and shipped back to your dentist. Even then, many traditional dentures cannot be worn until your mouth has fully healed from any necessary extractions.

But with some careful planning — and dentures that are made to be worn immediately following extractions — you’ll never have to be without your teeth when you come to Lakeside Dentistry. We carefully plan the creation of your dentures and have them made before you undergo any extractions, so they’re ready to go!

These special immediate dentures feature a temporary soft lining that protects sensitive gum tissue after teeth removal to promote healing. Then, when your gums have completely healed, these dentures can be relined so you can wear them full-time. We can also create a brand-new set of dentures for you after you heal. It’s up to you!


All-On-4® Dental Implants: When You Want To Set It And Forget It


Technically, All-On-4® treatment isn’t a “denture” at all — but it is a way to replace an entire upper or lower set of teeth (or both) in a way that’s as close as you can get to a brand new set of teeth.

All-On-4 uses just four dental implants to anchor an entire dental arch prosthetic by placing two implants vertically in the front of the mouth and two implants at angles in the back of the mouth. Because it requires so few dental implants, it’s less invasive than conventional dental implant treatments and requires less chair time and recovery time!

Unlike the denture options we’ve already discussed, the prosthetic used in All-On-4 dental implants can only be removed by your dentist. Many people love this aspect of this treatment because there are no special cleaning routines, and there’s no uncertainty that the prosthetic is going to fall out.

They look, feel, and function like real teeth! You might even forget that they’re not real.


Come Explore Your Teeth Replacement Options


Replacing your damaged and missing teeth will improve your quality of life in ways you probably won’t expect. You’ll get to enjoy all your favorite foods again, and you’ll no longer hesitate to smile!

Come explore your teeth replacement options at Lakeside Dentistry! Call us at 507-316-6444 to schedule an appointment, or use our online form.

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