What to Do if Dry Mouth Symptoms Worsen in Summer

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Dry mouth symptoms are unpleasant any time. But they can get a lot worse in summer months.

Fortunately, our Rochester, MN dentists offer dry mouth treatment that soothes the symptoms and improves your oral health. We’ll suggest changes you can make, such as avoiding sugary foods and drinks, and also suggest products that replenish your saliva.

If you’re experiencing uncomfortable dry mouth symptoms like chronic bad breath or trouble chewing food, call Lakeside Dentistry at 507-316-6444.

Dry mouth can also worsen your dental health. Saliva fights cavities and gum disease because it helps move food debris away from your teeth and gums. It also contains elements like bicarbonate, calcium, and phosphate, which make your teeth stronger and help protect them from decay.

Why Dry Mouth Gets Worse in Summer

Certain summer activities can make dry mouth worse. Your body typically produces less saliva in summer months. High temperatures and summer activities cause you to perspire more, which makes you more likely to experience dry mouth. The chlorine used to keep swimming pools clean also dries out your mouth.

Even fun activities like vacations and cookouts can aggravate dry mouth. Many of us relax our oral hygiene routine while traveling. We eat out more too, and may indulge in more unhealthy foods. Whether we’re at an outdoor party or taking a road trip to a favorite destination, we may drink more sugary drinks like soda or acidic drinks like lemonade or juice. These beverages can erode tooth enamel, leaving your smile more susceptible to cavities.

If you suffer from allergies in warm-weather months, you’ll breathe more through your mouth because of blocked nasal passages. This, too, can worsen dry mouth symptoms.

Stay Hydrated to Relieve Dry Mouth Symptoms

Drinking more water is the single most important thing you can do to relieve dry mouth symptoms. Ninety-nine percent of saliva is water, so staying hydrated is the best way to replenish saliva. Drink at least two liters of water a day in summer months, more if you are participating in sports or other activities.

Again, we can provide products that will help alleviate dry mouth and protect your mouth from dental damage. Two product lines we like are Biotene and PerioSciences. You can choose from oral rinses, mouth sprays, and moisturizing gel, all of which feature a pH balance similar to your saliva. Biotene products contain xylitol, a sweetener that may decrease bacteria growth in your mouth. Products from PerioSciences feature natural ingredients and antioxidants.

More Tips for Dealing With Dry Mouth

You can also fight dry mouth symptoms in the summer – or any time – with these tips:

Enjoy plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s especially easy to do this in summer months. Foods high in water content, like watermelon, cucumbers, and tomatoes, are in season. So they’re more affordable and easier to find.

A few other simple dietary changes can help too. Reduce your caffeine consumption. Caffeine is a diuretic, as is alcohol. So limit your intake of both. Moisten dry foods with broth, sauces, or butter.

Rinse your mouth with water after you consume acidic fruits or fruit juice.

Limit your exposure to chlorine. If you’ve got your own pool, keep the Ph level around 7.5. At this level, your pool will stay clean but will be less likely to dry out your mouth. Rinse your mouth when you exit the pool.

Suck on sugar-free mints or chew sugar-free gum. These both help spur saliva production. Bonus, you’ll have fresher breath too.

Use a lip balm. This will relieve discomfort from dry or cracked lips.

Give up smoking and other tobacco products.

Use a room humidifier at night.

If dry mouth symptoms are bothering you this summer, call Lakeside Dentistry at 507-316-6444. Our Rochester, MN dentists can help! If you have dry mouth, we may recommend fluoride applications or other treatments to help keep you cavity-free.

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