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Restorative Dentistry 3 in Rochester, MN by Dr. Jim Gores of Lakeside Dentistry

When it comes to more focused and targeted dentistry, restorative services might be the kind of dentistry you require more and more as you get older. People are living longer than ever, and thanks to improved dental hygiene, people are keeping their natural teeth longer than ever! And that’s great news.

But sometimes, in order to maximize our dental health, we need dental services to repair damage to teeth and gums. And sometimes, teeth need to be replaced. That’s where restorative dentistry comes in.

We wanted to compile some of our favorite posts about the restorative dentistry services we offer at Lakeside Dentistry. Take a look! Then, if you’re in need of a root canal, a dental crown, or a dental implant in Rochester, MN, call us at 507-316-6444 to schedule a consultation. You can also request an appointment using our online form.


1. Signs You Might Need A Root Canal 


When you damage a tooth, there’s a chance you’ll need to restore the health of the tooth with a root canal procedure. When the inside of your tooth becomes exposed to bacteria, the nerves and pulp within it can become infected. This can cause intense pain, so it’s important to address damage to the inside of the tooth quickly.

In this infographic, you’ll learn about some of the common telltale signs you need a root canal. Once damage to the inner tooth is taken care of, the next step is to restore the structure and appearance of the tooth.


2. 6 Times A Dental Crown Could Be Right For You


A dental crown is oftentimes the building block of restorative dentistry. This single-tooth prosthetic is used to repair structurally compromised teeth and make cosmetic improvements. It’s custom-made to look like a healthy version of your natural tooth, and it’s placed over the top of it like a cap. In this way, a dental crown completely conceals damage while strengthening and supporting the tooth.

This post will tell you a little bit more about dental crowns and their various applications. If any of these scenarios apply to you, call Lakeside Dentistry! Our dentists are experts when it comes to restoring teeth with dental crowns.


3. Improve Your Quality Of Life With A Dental Crown

The benefits of a dental crown can extend far beyond what it’s intended to do. Some even say they’re life-changing! But don’t just take our word for it. In this post, you’ll meet Mary Pat, whose dental health was so poor at one point in time that it interfered with her ability to eat the foods she wanted. But Lakeside Dentistry eradicated infection and restored her teeth with dental crowns, and she has a new reason to smile.


4. Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants


Sometimes, restoring your dental health means replacing teeth that have been lost to trauma or infection. If you’re looking to replace your teeth in a way that best promotes long-term dental health, you’ll want to check out dental implants.

In this post, you’ll learn about how dental implants, which replace the roots of teeth, can help revive a gap-filled smile.


5. Replace Your Teeth, Improve Your Life With Full-Mouth Reconstruction


So far, we’ve talked about how restorative dentistry can help you if you’re missing teeth or have damaged teeth. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that it can also help you if you have a mouthful of damaged or missing teeth!

This post will show you some of the options that are available to you if your smile isn’t in such great shape. There’s a solution for everybody, so there’s no need to be ashamed, no matter the condition of your mouth. Give us a call at 507-316-6444 today to schedule your restorative dentistry consultation.

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