Overcome Dental Anxiety With Comfortable Care

Relieving Dental Anxiety 1 in Rochester, MN by Dr. Jim Gores of Lakeside Dentistry

Did you know that an estimated 15 percent of adults experience dental anxiety so intense that it has kept them away from routine checkups and necessary treatment?

If you experience something similar, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety is definitely a real thing, and it can the biggest obstacle between you and improved dental health.

But choosing the right dentist can make a world of difference! And that’s where we come in.

Lakeside Dentistry in Rochester, MN offers top-notch care in a high-tech but comfortable setting that will put you at ease from the moment you walk in. Our compassionate team will go the extra mile to help ease your tension!

Read on for some of the ways we can work together to help you overcome your dental anxiety. Then, give us a call at 507-316-6444 to schedule an appointment.


1. You’ll Feel Confident Under The Care Of Highly Skilled And Compassionate Professionals.


Knowing you’ll receive great care is one of the best ways to relieve dental anxiety. At Lakeside Dentistry, we subscribe to a patient-focused philosophy. We care about your complete well-being, not just your dental health!

Dr. Jim Gores and his team want you to feel like family! Perhaps the reason we’re so passionate about family dentistry is because that’s what our practice is built on. Dr. Jim Gores’ daughter, Dr. Lucy Gores, is also a member of the practice!

The third doctor at Lakeside Dentistry is Dr. Peggy Scott, who graduated from the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry in 1994 after receiving her undergraduate degree in dietetics.

Combined, all three doctors have more than 55 years of experience in the field! They have a passion for building one-on-one relationships with their patients and are committed to treating your dental issues, not selling you services you don’t need.


2. We’re A High-Tech Office With A Relaxing View.


The world has become increasingly digital in recent decades, and dentistry is no exception. At Lakeside Dentistry, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art technology to make treatment more precise and more comfortable. You’ll feel confident knowing that we stay abreast of the latest trends in advances in dental technology to bring you excellent care.

You’ll even see this technology in routine checkups and cleanings! To better serve you, our dentists use a device called CariVu, which allows them to see inside your teeth and detect the earliest signs of tooth decay. Early detection can help prevent more aggressive and costly curative procedures later on.

We also use digital radiography instead of traditional X-rays. Because we can zoom in on or sharpen a digital image, we can more effectively plan and perform your procedure.

However, just because we’re a high-tech practice doesn’t mean that the atmosphere is cold and uninviting. The opposite is actually true! We’ve designed our office to be cozy and comfortable. Plus, our office has a lakeside view!


3. Minimize Stress With Dental Sedation.


Sometimes, friendly faces and a comfortable environment aren’t enough to help you overcome dental anxiety. We understand! That’s why we’re able to offer nitrous oxide, a mild form of dental sedation, if you need a little assistance relaxing during your appointment.

Nitrous oxide is perhaps more commonly known as “laughing gas.” It quickly provides you with a mild euphoric or calm feeling without the need for any needles or pills! All you have to do is take a few deep breaths through a small mask we’ll place over your nose.

Another great thing about nitrous oxide is that its effects wear off quickly once we turn off the gas when we’re done working. You’ll be able to drive home afterward and go about your day!

You’ll also feel safe under our team’s supervision. We’ll closely monitor your sedation once it has been administered to ensure that you are comfortable for the duration of your dental work.


Experience Comfortable Dental Care At Lakeside Dentistry


If fear of the dentist is what’s keeping you from achieving and maintaining a healthier, more beautiful smile, consider scheduling an appointment at Lakeside Dentistry. Between our friendly and knowledgeable staff, warm environment, and dental sedation options, we have everything you need to have a pleasant experience at the dentist!

We love helping our patients be the best versions of themselves with the help of excellent dental care, and we especially consider it a success when patients who were initially nervous about their treatment say they’re happy with the care they received.

Come experience the difference that Lakeside Dentistry makes! Call us at 507-316-6444 or use our convenient online form to schedule an appointment.

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