Meet the Team

Front Desk - Kim | Rochester, MN Dentist | Lakeside Dentistry
Kim Front Desk

Kim has been with Lakeside Dentistry for more than 20 years. She looks forward to greeting you and your family with a smile and answering all of your questions. ...

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Front Desk - Wendy | Rochester, MN Dentist | Lakeside Dentistry
Wendy Front Desk

Like Kim, Wendy has worked at Lakeside Dentistry for 20-plus years. She enjoys being part of the team and assisting our patients with anything they need to make their visits enjoyable. ...

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Front Desk - Shelly | Rochester, MN Dentist | Lakeside Dentistry
Shelly Front Desk

Shelly, who is also a registered dental assistant, came to Lakeside Dentistry in 2004. She enjoys helping patients in her dual role. ...

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Dental Assistant - Beth | Rochester, MN Dentist | Lakeside Dentistry
Beth Dental Assistant

Beth, a dental assistant for 20-plus years, has worked with Dr. Jim Gores longer than she has been with her husband! Outside of work, she enjoys camping and four-wheeling with her friends and family. ...

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Dental Assistant - Pam | Rochester, MN Dentist | Lakeside Dentistry
Pam Dental Assistant

A dental assistant since 1999, in her spare time Pam enjoys experiencing life as a new mom and spoiling her yellow Labrador retriever. ...

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Dental Assistant - Jamie | Rochester, MN Dentist | Lakeside Dentistry
Jamie Dental Assistant

Jamie has been a dental assistant for 20 years. Outside work, she stays busy juggling her family’s activities. ...

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Dental Hygienist - Tanya | Rochester, MN Dentist | Lakeside Dentistry
Tanya Dental Hygienist

A native of Ukraine, Tanya was a dental assistant for seven years before becoming a registered dental hygienist. She has worked at Lakeside Dentistry since 2014. She lives in Byron, MN with her husband and two children. ...

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Dental Hygienist - Lisa | Rochester, MN Dentist | Lakeside Dentistry
Lisa Dental Hygienist

Lisa has been working as a dental hygienist since 1997, with 14 of those years at Lakeside Dentistry. As part of the Lakeside team, she takes pride in our caring attitude toward patients and efforts to improve their dental health. She and her husband have two beautiful teenage daughters and a fun-loving dog named Zoe. She and her spouse are avid runners. Spending time with her family and friends ...

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Dental Hygienist - Kris | Rochester, MN Dentist | Lakeside Dentistry
Kris Dental Hygienist

Kris reminds us of the law of physics: objects in motion tend to stay in motion. She’s got more energy than one could believe! She likes keeping up with the latest in the sports world while taking care of her husband and their two wonderful children. ...

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Dental Hygienist - Annette | Rochester, MN Dentist | Lakeside Dentistry
Annette Dental Hygienist

Annette has been a dental hygienist at Lakeside Dentistry since 2002. She graduated from the Rochester Community and Technical College hygiene program in 2000. She’s been married for 37 years, and she and her husband have two amazing daughters. Annette has so many hobbies and interests, it’d honestly be easier to ask her what she doesn’t enjoy. One of the things she loves is her job at ...

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Dental Hygienist - Kari | Rochester, MN Dentist | Lakeside Dentistry
Kari Dental Hygienist

Kari is a registered dental hygienist who has been practicing at Lakeside Dentistry since 1999. She is certified in laser training, BLS, and anesthetic usage. She loves helping her patients learn about their dental health while cultivating long-term relationships with them. Outside of the office, she stays busy keeping tabs on her two teenage daughters and rescuing dogs from nearby animal ...

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Dental Hygienist - Jane | Rochester, MN Dentist | Lakeside Dentistry

Jane graduated from RCTC with her degree in dental hygiene in 2013. Jane really enjoys the one on one time she gets with her patients everyday, whether shes meeting new people or reconnecting with established patients, she finds the interactions to be very rewarding! She enjoys helping them lead healthier lives by educating them on their oral health.Jane and her husband Josh have 3 wonderful ...

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