Implant Supported Dentures

Dental implants have become the standard of care when replacing missing teeth. While conventional dentures are a great choice for many people, we understand there can be hardships and discomfort regarding conventional dentures. Luckily, dental implants, not only replace a single missing tooth (or teeth), but they can be utilized to support dentures.

Our dentist can use, carefully, placed dental implants to support a full arch of replacement teeth in your upper jaw, your lower jaw, or both. The result is a full mouth of teeth that look and feel like your own!

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

  • Unlike traditional dentures, an Implant Supported Denture will stimulate your jawbone, which prevents the bone loss that can result in a “sunken” look
    Implant Supported Dentures fit securely, so there is no embarrassing slippage
  • Because they don’t press down on your gums, many people find their Implant Supported Denture to be much more comfortable than dentures- no more rubbing or sore spots!
  • An Implant Supported Denture will give you a stronger bite, so you can eat all of your favorite foods. Allowing you to engage in a healthier and more balanced diet for your overall health.

The commitment to care for your Implant Supported Denture is very important. We help explain the necessary homecare to you- which will include brushing, flossing, using a Waterpik, and visiting Lakeside Dentistry for regular dental exams.

We can walk you through all the possible options with both, so you can choose the solution that is right for you. Our professional team knows how to make you feel comfortable during the procedure. You’re in good hands!

Want to find out if you are a candidate for an Implant Supported Denture? Call Lakeside Dentistry today! (507) 282-8222

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