Tooth Fillings

In life, and in dentistry, little problems are easier to fix than big ones. Tooth fillings play a key role in your dental health because they can be used to stop dental decay when it is still a little problem. Decay that progresses can get to the soft interior of your tooth and become infected. After infection sets in, you are in danger of losing your tooth.

If our Rochester, MN dentist discovers any cavities during your dental exam, a tooth filling will take care of the problem! Call Lakeside Dentistry at 507-282-8222.

Dental Technology for Finding Cavities

At Lakeside Dentistry, Rochester, MN Dentist, we use the latest technology during your family’s dental exams, so we can find cavities in the earliest stages. The technology includes:

  • Digital radiography. With digital X-rays, our Rochester, MN dentist can enlarge or sharpen images and tweak the brightness and contrast. This makes it easier to see even small cavities. Not only that, but your appointments won’t last as long because you won’t have to wait for us to develop film!
  • CariVu cavity detection. This device allows our dentists to see the interior of your teeth, spying lesions and cracks that can indicate cavities.

Getting the Right Tooth Filling for the Job

Because not all cavities are the same, we use two different materials for our tooth fillings. They are:

  • Amalgam. This mixture of metals is highly durable and cost-effective. We recommend amalgam fillings for areas that will be exposed to lots of wear and tear.
  • Composite. This tooth-colored material, while sturdy, is not as strong as metal. It does look like your natural teeth, though. So we often use it for cavities in areas where appearance is more important to you.

Stop dental decay in its tracks with tooth fillings from Lakeside Dentistry, Rochester, MN Dentist. Call 507-282-8222 to make an appointment for your family. Or use our online form.

Dr. Lucy Meyer is a member of the American Dental Association, Minnesota Dental Association, and other local dental societies.