Relieving Dental Anxiety

Many people feel a little nervous about visiting the dentist. But some folks experience dental anxiety that is serious enough that they avoid dental appointments.

At Lakeside Dentistry, we don’t want you to feel this way! If you skip visits, you may end up with problems that require more involved procedures – which just causes more dental anxiety. Fortunately, our dentists Dr. Lucy Meyer, Dr. Peggy Scott and Dr. Aimee Sims can ease your anxieties.

Let us help you beat this self-defeating cycle of dental anxiety! Call us at 507-282-8222.

Patience Is Key to Beating Dental Anxiety

When it comes to anxiety, there is nothing our veteran team hasn’t seen or heard before. After all, our three dentists have a combined 55-plus years of experience between them! And other members of our team have worked in dentistry for at least 20 years.

Thanks to this experience, we can calmly address any issues you may have that contribute to your anxiety. Let us know you’re nervous, and we’ll even schedule a longer appointment time for you.

Laughing Gas Is Nice

Laughing Gas Is Nice

  • It’s safe. Dentists have used this for more than 100 years. So we know it’s safe. It can even be used on children.
  • It’s convenient. We administer it through a nasal hood, a small cup that fits over your nose. It takes effect quickly, so you won’t have to wait to feel relaxed.
  • It won’t leave you groggy. Most people feel like themselves while receiving laughing gas, and its effects wear off quickly. You won’t feel groggy after your procedure.
  • It’s easy to control. We can easily increase or decrease the amount of laughing gas as it’s administered so you get just the right amount to control your dental anxiety.

With our patient staff and laughing gas, there is no reason to feel dental anxiety! Call Lakeside Dentistry at 507-282-8222.

Dr. Lucy Meyer is a member of the American Dental Association, Minnesota Dental Association, and other local dental societies.